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Second Star to the Right…

Space… The Final Frontier; these are the voyages of the Brewer family. Their lifelong mission, to seek our new ways to have fun, to explore the far reaches of their planet; to boldly go… wherever life’s path leads them.

Greetings adventurer, you have boldly stumbled on our Star Trek section of RB’s Toy Box. This page will showcase the collections we have gathered, the adventures we go on and the techie builds that the Brewer family have become known for. From the entrance of RB’s Toy Box you are immediately immersed into out Star Trek world with displays from the 1966 series through the 10 movies that made star Trek a household name. These displays also include original media representing the different formats available for viewing. I have Super 8, 35mm, CED, LaserDisc, BetaMax, VHS, DVD, Blueray and more.

It will also provide some insight into the Brewer methodology of: If it’s worth doing… It’s worth OVERDOING!

From the first communicator my father (Ken Brewer) created out of a plastic tissue holder for me when I was a kid, I knew that the tech of Star Trek was going to be a part of my life. From the looming big screen theatrical trailer of Star Trek the Motion Picture I looked past the characters at all the buttons and switches, I was hooked. Now, I enjoy being an amateur collector and Master Tinker as I craft my projects with a little Star Trek Tech.