The Importance of Chores

It’s no secret in this day and time that young people today lack many of the “work hard” traits that we reflect on as a core principle. Finding a young person that exhibits a work ethic is literally a diamond in the rough. As a Veteran, business owner and parent; I would like to take … Read more

Living with PTSD

We’re not looking to create a scene, this is the daily routine that we live from day to day. Just tryin’ to hid what’s deep inside, from coming back alive; please allow me to convey. You see us sitting in the corner at a restaurant, at church or in the mall. We are quiet, kinda … Read more

The Military, The Medical and the Message

When I joined the Air Force I had one criteria… Be around Airplanes. Well, duh.. it was the Air Force. I had a really high ASVAB score so getting in the Air Force was easy enough, but with the build-up to Desert Storm, there was a waiting list to get in. So I told them … Read more